Welcome to DJ Vital Viper’s Mobile DJ Events. I specialize in transforming events into unforgettable experiences, from weddings to corporate gatherings. Trust in my expertise for any special occasion.

Mobile DJ for Birthday Parties

Specialising in DJing birthday parties is my passion. Moreover, crafting joyous soundtracks for moments like sweet 16 parties and 60th birthday celebrations is my specialty.

Consequently, let’s turn your birthday celebration into an extraordinary event with music tailored to your style and preferences.

“Celebrating my 30th with DJ Vital Viper on the decks was the highlight of the night! From nostalgic tunes of my teens to current chart-toppers, he seamlessly transitioned between eras and genres, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Everyone was on the dance floor, and the music truly made the evening unforgettable. A massive thank you to DJ Vital Viper for making my milestone birthday an absolute blast!”Taylor M., Melbourne.


Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Celebrating a Milestone in Faith

Cherish this spiritual rite of passage with music that mirrors the deep significance of the day. Let the melodies uplift spirits as we honor this traditional milestone.


18th Birthday Parties

Welcoming Adulthood in Style

Turn the big one-eight into an unforgettable bash. Dance to the rhythm of youth and freedom as we usher in a new chapter.


30th Birthday Parties

Flirty Thirty Celebrations

Three decades down, and you’re just getting started. Groove to the beats that reflect your vivacious spirit.


50th Birthday Parties

Half a Century of Wonderful Memories

Relive the golden memories and create new ones as we spin tracks that have accompanied you through the years.


Sweet 16

Stepping into the Spotlight

Shine bright on this special day with music that captures the essence of teenage dreams and ambitions.


21st Birthday Parties

Embracing Independence and Adventure

Leap into the next phase of life with tracks that ignite passion and adventure. Here’s to freedom and the open road ahead!


40th Birthday Parties

Life's Fabulous Forties Festivities

Celebrate life’s rich tapestry with a mix of classic and contemporary hits that resonate with your journey.


60th Birthday Parties

Celebrating Six Decades of Legacy

Honor the legacy you’ve built with melodies that span the ages. Let’s toast to the memories and the tales yet to be told.

Private & Exclusive Parties

Private parties hold a special place in my heart. Furthermore, Mobile DJ events for these occasions can be among the most enjoyable. These intimate gatherings allow me to connect with people on a personal level and craft uniquely tailored musical experiences.


“Having DJ Vital Viper spin tracks at our private party turned a simple gathering into a full-blown dance fest! His ability to gauge the crowd’s mood and play just the right song was uncanny. Friends and family couldn’t stop raving about the music selection. Thanks to DJ Vital Viper, our private affair felt like an exclusive club night!”Jamie L., Dandenong


Private Parties

Exclusive Celebrations Tailored for You

Elevate your intimate gatherings with music that resonates. From birthdays to anniversaries, I ensure a perfect blend of beats to keep your party lively.


Retirement Parties

Marking a Well-deserved Milestone

Celebrate the culmination of years of hard work with tunes that take you down memory lane. Let’s make it a send-off to remember.

School functions are another area of DJing that I thoroughly enjoy. Specifically, from formal nights to school dances, I revel in infusing energy and excitement, ensuring students create unforgettable memories.

“DJ Vital Viper absolutely rocked our school formal! From timeless classics to today’s top hits, he had everyone, from students to teachers, dancing the night away. His professionalism and ability to connect with the younger crowd made the night one for the books. Our year-end celebration wouldn’t have been the same without DJ Vital Viper’s electric tunes!”Morgan H., Student, Dandenong High School.



School & University Events

Nurturing Talent and Fostering Connections

Celebrate academic achievements and milestones with rhythms that bring students together. From talent shows to seminars, the right music sets the tone for unity and inspiration.


Graduation Ceremonies

Commencing a New Chapter of Success

Mark the culmination of hard work and dedication with tracks that signify new beginnings. As the caps fly, let the music echo the pride and promise of what lies ahead.


School Formals

Dancing the Night Away in Elegance

Glide on the dance floor under a canopy of stars. With the perfect mix of ballads and beats, formals turn into magical evenings of glam and glitz.


High School Reunion

Reliving Memories with Old Friends

Take a trip down memory lane with nostalgic tunes from your school days. Reconnect, reminisce, and relive the moments that shaped your youth.

Corporate Events & Functions

Corporate gatherings are yet another facet of my DJing journey that I’m passionate about. Specifically, at these events, which bring together professionals for a blend of business and leisure, I thrive on setting the perfect musical backdrop that complements the formal undertones yet infuses a sense of relaxation and enjoyment.

“DJ Vital Viper seamlessly blended festive favorites with contemporary hits for our Corporate Christmas Party. Not only did he set the right tone, but he also kept the dance floor packed throughout. Thanks to his skill, our year-end celebration was both energetic and memorable, earning rave reviews from many employees.”Stephanie L., Director of Corporate Communications, Melbourne Enterprises.



Corporate Events

Empowering Business, Strengthening Bonds

Transform your corporate gatherings with music that echoes professionalism and collaboration. Whether it’s a product launch, seminar, or team-building event, the right tracks can amplify the essence of corporate unity.


Corporate Xmas Parties

Festive Celebrations, Company Style

Unwind and revel in the holiday spirit with tunes tailored for the corporate scene. Celebrate the year’s achievements and milestones with festive rhythms that blend tradition with a modern twist.

Mobile DJ for Weddings

Weddings, undeniably, hold a special place in my heart, signifying the commencement of a cherished journey for enamored couples.

In such settings, I aim to transcend the traditional role of a DJ. Instead, I envision myself as your musical confidant, diligently crafting the soundtrack that narrates your unique love story.

“DJ Vital Viper masterfully crafted a musical backdrop for our 50th Anniversary, blending timeless classics with today’s hits. His intuitive mix catered to every generation, making the dance floor come alive. With a nod to our cherished memories and a touch of modern flair, he made our half-century celebration truly unforgettable.”Robert and Elizabeth Thompson.



Beginning a Journey of Lifetime Love

From the first notes of the bridal march to the last dance, let the music encapsulate the purity and joy of two souls uniting. Each song curated to mirror the love and promise that weddings symbolize.


Wedding Receptions

Celebrating Love with Family & Friends

Before the vows, there’s the promise. Celebrate the pledge of eternal love with melodies that capture the essence of commitment and the anticipation of the journey ahead.


Engagement Party

Marking the Promise of Forever

As two families become one, the reception’s music sets the stage for joyous celebration. Dance, laugh, and create memories with loved ones to tracks that resonate with shared happiness.



Commemorating Years of Togetherness

Rekindle the magic of the day you said “I do” with tracks that have witnessed your love story. Whether it’s the first year or the fiftieth, let the music echo the love that has stood the test of time.

Sports Events & After-Parties

In the realm of sports functions, I see myself as more than just a purveyor of Mobile DJ events; indeed, I consider myself a vital part of the game-day ambiance.

Whether it’s an edge-of-the-seat match, a championship celebration, or a heartfelt fan appreciation event, I’m there to ignite the crowd’s passion and set an electrifying tone throughout the venue.

“Having DJ Vital Viper at our Past Players cricket match was a masterstroke. His tunes kept the energy high and the atmosphere buzzing, making old legends and young fans groove alike. From the nostalgic tracks that took us down memory lane to the contemporary beats that got everyone moving, he nailed the vibe perfectly. Our cricket club’s legacy felt even richer with his music echoing our memorable plays.” – Jack Harrison, Club Chairman, Riverside Cricket Club.



Sports Events

Championing Spirit and Passion

Fuel the adrenaline and competitive spirit with pulsating beats and anthems that energize the crowd. From pre-game hype to victory celebrations, let the music capture the essence of sportsmanship and zeal.

Entertainment Venues

Nightlife venues pulsate with the electrifying beats of DJ Vital Viper. Specifically, I excel in crafting the ideal music playlists tailored for nightclubs, bars, lounges, and other city hotspots, ensuring each venue vibrates with an energy unique to its ambiance.

“DJ Vital Viper’s set at The Velvet Lounge was electrifying! He seamlessly blended genres, keeping the crowd energized and the dance floor packed all night. His intuitive understanding of the bar’s ambiance and the audience’s mood truly set him apart. It wasn’t just another Saturday night; it was an experience. We’ve had DJs spin at our bar, but the energy Viper brought was unparalleled.”Mia Rodriguez, Owner, The Velvet Lounge.



Nightlife Venues

Electrifying Nights and Vibrant Vibes

Experience the best of the nocturnal world with music that sets the ambiance. From live gigs to DJ nights, every beat amplifies the allure of the night.



Crafted Concoctions and Chilled Evenings

Sip on your favorite cocktail as you relax to tunes that complement the laid-back bar vibe. Whether it’s a jazz number or acoustic melodies, the music enhances the experience of unwinding.



Dance Beats and Late-Night Feats

Lose yourself to the rhythm of the night. As the bass drops and the lights flash, the tracks ensure you’re on your feet, dancing away till the early hours.

Secrets For A Great Mobile DJ Function

It's advisable to book my services well in advance to secure your preferred date. Popular dates tend to fill up quickly, and booking early ensures you have the perfect DJ for your event.

My music selection is diverse and can be tailored to your preferences. I'm well-versed in genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, electronic, and more, ensuring your event's soundtrack aligns with your taste.

Absolutely! I encourage you to share a list of your favorite songs, special requests, or any particular theme you have in mind. Your input plays a pivotal role in creating a personalized playlist that ensures your event is uniquely yours.

Yes, I come fully prepared with professional-grade sound and lighting equipment. My setup includes high-quality speakers, dazzling lighting displays, and everything needed to create an immersive audio-visual experience that elevates your event.

My pricing varies based on factors such as the size and nature of your event, specific requirements, and any add-ons you may need. I'm flexible in tailoring a package that aligns with your budget and vision.

Receiving a quote is simple. Grab an instant quote or call me on 0421 325 503. I'm readily available to discuss your event's unique needs and provide you with an instant quote. Let's start planning your exceptional event today!

Mobile DJ Events with DJ Vital Viper

Elevate your event with DJ Vital Viper’s exceptional mobile DJ services.

Additionally, contact me today to create unforgettable memories and craft a successful musical experience for your event. Furthermore, don’t wait; reach out now to make your occasion truly exceptional with DJ Vital Viper!

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  • 🔊 Sound System
  • ☁️ Smoke Machine
  • 💨 Machine Fluid
  • 🚥 LED lights
  • 💡 Laser lights
  • 🔦 Spotlights
  • 🎤 Microphone
  • 🎵 Personalised Playlist
  • 📆 Pre-Event Meeting
  • 🎹 Top-Rated Equipment

Estimated Cost

$ 300
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